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Vending Machine

Works just like your trusted Coca-Cola vending machine, but it vends digital collectibles in celebration of multiple events throughout the year.


how to get gifted


Go to the Vending Machine


Vend Me


Connect any blockchain wallet


Open your Gift!


Enjoy & Spread the Magic!


Drop One

Christmas always finds its way.


frequently asked questions

Got a question? We're here to answer!

the coca-cola metaverse vending machine

The Coca-Cola Metaverse Vending Machine is a place to spread happiness with loved ones. With digital collectibles and NFTs that can be vended across the world, we hope to spread magic to families and friends everywhere.

The Coca-Cola Metaverse Vending Machine vends digital collectibles that celebrate different events happening throughout the year. This Christmas, the Vending Machine will vend free NFTs, from the Coca-Cola Christmas collection or from our partner communities.

Yes, you need a blockchain wallet to claim your NFT. A blockchain wallet is used to store, buy, and sell crypto-assets. Using your preferred blockchain wallet is also the only way to view and interact with your Coca-Cola NFT after claiming.

the christmas drop

You can either win one of 33 digital Coca-Cola Christmas collectibles or an NFT from our jolly NFT partners. More importantly, you get to take part in spreading the Christmas spirit!

This Christmas, you are able to claim one gift from the vending machine.

The NFTs vended will all be registered on the Polygon blockchain.

“Gas fees” are fees that users have to pay for miners on the blockchain to have their transactions processed (i.e. included in the block). On the Polygon blockchain, gas fees are paid using the MATIC cryptocurrency. The amount of gas you'll need to pay to have your transaction processed will depend on the number of people who are trying to process transactions on the network at the same time. This fee should not exceed more than $1 USD, and should range between $0.50 - $1 USD.

No - the gifts from the Coca-Cola Vending Machine are free to claim. The fees associated with the claiming are “gas fees“, which are fees necessary to register your gift on the blockchain. This fee should never exceed more than $1 USD, and none of the funds paid will go back to Coca-Cola.

Once registered on the blockchain, your digital gift can never disappear. As we spread joy through the holidays, we want to commemorate the experience for a lifetime.

If you received a gift voucher NFT, you are one of the few lucky winners who have been gifted a high-value NFT from our jolly partners! On the NFT gift voucher, it will show you which high-value NFT you have won. You can redeem this NFT anytime before January 15, 2023 at 12:00:00 AM UTC.

If you claimed your gift with an existing wallet address:
1. Transfer your gift voucher NFT to the Insomnia Labs wallet address (0xc46948791d7bAE7096999cFF6224025B1BB54837).
2. Once transferred, the gift voucher NFT will be burned.
3. Insomnia Labs wallet will transfer you the equivalent high-value NFT within 24 hours.